tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Konserttips och kärleksförklaringar

Underskattade Dälek spelar på Strand, Stockholm 4 november.
Dr Farm besökte oss i radhuset i går och påstod med stor övertygelse att Juliette Lewis är det sexigaste man kan se på en scen. Har hon rätt? Svar ges på Berns 31 oktober.

Åsså några fina ord via Facebook:

"Hey bro - I know you don't know me in the real world - and I don't wanna sound like a crazy stalker type - but just wanted to say a quick thanks for the music in Misery Loves Co, I know that was ages ago but I was really into it growing up in Australia - anyways - hope all is well :)"

Och från Madrid, Spanien:

"I just want to dedicate you some lines to say something that probably you've heard before, but that I must say to feel confortable: I've been following your musical path since I discovered Misery Loves Co. by accident in a party in 1995, and later on with Alpha Safari. I just want to thank you for the music you created in the past, music that allowed me to inspire and create themes for my current band and way of life.

The last time I saw you was in Madrid, in 2000 since you were touring around with Earthtone9 and Kill II this, and these bands, together with yours, were part of my favourite ones. After the show, I talked to you and some of the other guys; I remeber I was 20 at that time and sharing opinions with you was kinda cool!!

Well, that's it. Thanks for your music. That's what I was willing to say.
Take care and, well, if someday, somewhere, MLCo gather again, remember that in Spain you'll be always welcome."

Fint, va?

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David Snusgrop sa...

På tal om MLC, jag upptäckte en hel spelning från -98 på YouTube härom dagen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6W-RbjhtlM

Lite kul. :D