fredag 30 januari 2009

Man blir uppenbarligen galen av att spela powermetal

Konserten med Edguy i Stockholm är flyttad från Arenan till klubben. Den otroligt märkliga officiella anledningen till flytten är att sångaren Tobias Sammet fick så "konstiga vibbar" sist de spelade på Arenan. Läs meddelandet från Edguys management nedan och förundras.

When Tobias found out that the show will take place in exactly the same room they played on the last tour and remembered the odd feelings he had when being on stage he had a student of supernatural science investigate the place and he attested that there are several subterranian water veins crossing right under the stage. Besides that Tobias who is a practising Feng shui-ist could not accept putting the stage vice versa to the other side of the stage. He willingliy accepted to play Klubben though and apologizes for the inconvenience.

We have received a statement of Tobias: "I wanna state, that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Merchandise concessions of 35% that they take at the main room which would have meant the shirts would have been enourmosly expensive for our fans. That's just a nice side effect They will be much cheaper now!"

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