torsdag 8 januari 2009

USA - paradiset på jorden?

Han inte bara bryter på amerikanska när han pratar svenska. Yngwie Malmsteen älskar USA så mycket att han skulle kunna dö för det där märkliga landet. Enligt Yngwie är USA så perfekt att han inte vill att någonting ska förändras - ingenting kan ju bli bättre än det redan är! Det berättar han i en intervju med Rock Notes.

Här är ett utdrag från intervjun, hämtat från Blabbermouth.

This is the greatest country on God's earth!
There is no better place, no better country, this is the ultimate place to live in, with warts and all. There is no place that could even be a pimple on this country's ass! And people better start being happy about that, because if you get "the change," you better be careful what you wish for. I'm telling you, that's not what you want, man; this is the greatest country on earth. Leave it like it is!

I'm the living proof, living breathing proof. I came to this country with one guitar and one extra pair of pants. That was it! I was a teenager and everything and beyond I ever dreamt of has come true. And I could've never done it anywhere else. The only reason it was possible is because this is the country of the individual, this is the country where hard work will reward you, this is the country of no you don't get shit if you don't do shit. This the country that rewards hard work and rewards ambition.

And where I came from, it was the exact opposite. If you did nothing you got everything paid for, if you work really hard they just take your money. So I know what I'm talking about when it comes to these things...
I love this country more than anything I would go and fight and die for this country.

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redbanner sa...

Jag tror inte att vi känner varandra. Tror du?

Spader Ess sa...

Hoppsan, med den insikten kan han bli ett tungt namn inom politiken.:-)