fredag 26 september 2008

Melloboat 2009


Det blir en resa med Mellobåten även nästa år.
24 april är datumet som gäller. Bokningarna är egentligen inte officiella än, men eftersom Rogert gör "den coolaste bloggen" (enligt arrangören Stefan) kan jag redan i dag avslöja vilka som spelar.

Här är spelschemat för 2009 års upplaga av Melloboat:

Meshuggah is acclaimed as one of the most important heavy bands by the Rolling Stone magazine. They have performed in various international festivals, including Ozzfest. Their music is filled with polyrhythmic patterns and we are very proud to have them onboard the Melloboat 2009.

Steven Wilson is the lead guitarist & singer of the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree. He will do a unique performance with his long time friend Lasse Hoile, acclaimed artist and photographer, wellknown for his unique artistic style. Together they will integrate Wilson's music with Hoile's visuals. We can be prepared for an emotional journey through distorted soundscapes with millions of image variations.

This years biggest surprice must be the return of the trio May Blitz! Tony Newman, James Black & Reid Hudson formed the band in England during the early part of 1969. Signed to the legendary Vertigo label they release two of the heaviest albums on the label. The drummer Tony Newman is also known for his work with Jeff Beck, Three Man Army, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Chris Spedding, Gene Vincent, The Everly Brother´s and David Coverdale's Whitesnake among others.

Skellefteå based band with a genuine 1970s sound. Music filled with burning passion that appeals to fans of both progressive rock as well as hard rock. Influences from Uriah Heep, Queen and Camel can be traced in their music.

Beardfish is acclaimed as a "new" band with an "old" sound. Mellotron, hammond organ, leslies, clean guitars, dry organic drums makes this band a truly classic progressive band.

Instrumental psychedelic space rock with double guitars, fine arrangements and a unmatched drive. Quite simply a band tailored for this trip.

Bootcut is a duo consisting of keyboardplayer Rikard Sjöblom and drummer Petter Diamant. Their music is a must-listen for those who love the sound of the Hammond B3 organ with jazzy influence.

Badge is a band who plays an exciting form of acoustic aggressive blues with high energy metal approach. They have toured in Europe with their frenetic (pre-war) kind of delta blues.

Promise & the Monster is Billie Lindahl. She performs her songs with a sensitive style of fingerpicking figures. Real ethereal, mesmerizing and memorable songs with dynamic arrangements.

Talented singer/guitarplayer who performs dark and sad songs in a mellow and melancholic mood. She will be joined by some friends of hers.

PIU is a project based around Lisa Isaksson, with shifting members from time to time. Musically it is some kind of acid-folk, not far from Linda Perhacs and These Trails.

Biljetterna släpps 1 oktober.

4 kommentarer:

Sven sa...

Hoppsan, men var tog Opeth vägen?!

Patrik Wirén sa...

Opeth? De spelade 2008, men inte 2009 vad jag vet.

sven sa...

Är rätt säker på att de skulle spela 2009 också. Direkt från hästens mun liksom. Men det kanske blev för trångt på bandlistan.

Patrik Wirén sa...

Åh fan. Det kanske tillkommer fler band? Ska kolla läget med Stefan.